The Outer Space and Global Security Conference, held in Geneva on 26-27 November 2002, examined the current and future uses of space, assessing ways to prevent the deployment or use of weapons in, from and against outer space. Governmental and non-governmental representatives discussed a wide range of short- and long-term measures to enhance space security, including the possibility of a ban on the deployment of any weapon in space.

Short-term measures included a variety of confidence-building measures, space debris mitigation measures, cooperative space traffic control, non-offensive defences for space assets, agreements on non-interference with space assets, and increased public engagement on space security issues.

In discussions of longer-term strategies, participants explored the potential role of the private sector and commercial interests in support of space security, the feasibility of negotiating a space weapons ban in the foreseeable future, and plans for encouraging the Conference on Disarmament to work on the space security challenge.

Citation: United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (2003). "Outer Space and Global Security", UNIDIR, Geneva.