This report highlights the key issues discussed during a co-organized UNIDIR-UNODA consultation that explored the perspective of non-governmental entities on space security, sustainability and safety, as well as how these entities can contribute to creating a peaceful and secure space environment.

The consultation took place in the margins of the Open-Ended Working Group on Reducing Space Threats through Norms, Rules and Principles of Responsible Behaviours with aims to enrich the conversation on space security in ongoing UN processes.

In this way, the consultation was able to provide insightful perspectives to the Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group, and to give State observers to the consultation a more diverse understanding of threats to space systems.

Citation: Manon Blancafort, Sarah Erickson and Almudena Azcárate Ortega (2023) "Commercial Actors and Civil Society Consultation Report: How Can Non-Governmental Entities Contribute to Reducing Threats to Outer Space Systems?" UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.