Ching Wei Sooi

Graduate Professional Space Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ching Wei is a Graduate Professional in the Space Security Programme at UNIDIR.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Political Science and International Relations, Law and Society, and Criminology; and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and International Relations, both from the University of Western Australia. Additionally, he has undertaken McGill University’s Annual Strategic Space Law Course.

Previously, Ching Wei served as a Programme Management & Administration Intern with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). Notably, he contributed to the Secretary General’s Policy Brief 7 on the Future of Outer Space Governance. He has also held positions as a Space Security Research Fellow with CHERI and as an intern with the PerthUSAsia Centre and UWA Public Policy Institute.

He is set to release a report titled ‘State Positions on Destructive Anti-Satellite Missile Testing: Moratorium, Resolution, and Lessons for the Future’. He has second-authored a conference paper on UNOOSA’s approaches to using space for climate action and an op-ed on Australia’s role in space.

Ching Wei speaks English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Melayu. He is learning beginner German and French.