Unpacking Gender-Based Vulnerabilities in International Cybersecurity

In Person (New York), Side Event to the UN OEWG-ITC
10 July 2024
Unpacking Gender-Based Vulnerabilities in International Cybersecurity

While the gender dimension of ICT threats and the digital gender divide are increasingly being recognized in cyberspace governance, there is a notable absence of analyses that consider the specific gender-differentiated impacts and harms of cyber operations that have an international dimension. Moreover, there is a lack of concrete proposals on how to meaningfully integrate gender into the framework of responsible behavior and capacity-building mechanisms. These gaps significantly impede efforts to enhance cyber resilience and advance inclusive international peace and security in cyberspace.

This side event aims to address these shortcomings by identifying gender-based vulnerabilities and harms arising from cyberattacks, while also promoting gender-responsive approaches within the OEWG’s work to strengthen capacities, insights, and recommendations in multilateral negotiations aimed at implementing the normative framework of responsible state behavior.

This in-person event will take place alongside the eighth substantive session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (UN OEWG-ITC).

Topics for discussion include:

  • Human vulnerability and online resilience
  • Gender digital divide
  • Cybersecurity best practices
  • Multi-disciplinary and multistakeholder approach
  • Implementation opportunities and challenges  


  • Opening remarks by Kerry-Ann Barrett, Program Manager of the OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program
  • Opening remarks by Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations in New York; Chair of the OEWG
  • Dominique Steinbrecher, Researcher, Security and Technology Programme, UNIDIR
  • Kelly Anderson, Director of the International Cyber Policy Division, Global Affairs Canada
  • Marie Humeau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Catalina Vera Toro, Third Secretary, Permanent Mission of Chile to the OAS
  • Larissa Schneider Calza, Head of the Cyber Defense and Security Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
  • Q&A session
  • Wrap up

When and Where

July 10th, 2024, 13:15 -14:30, in UN HQ New York, Conference Room 5.


Open to all accredited and registered participants to the UN OEWG, Women in International Security and Cyberspace Fellows (WiC), Women Peace and Security experts, NY-based interested diplomats, and UN Staff.


Please register for the event here.

For more information, please send an email to kvera@oas.org and vname@oas.org.



This event is co-organised by OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program, UNIDIR, the Government of Canada and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.