Preparing for the Future of International Peace and Security

Hybrid Event - New York and Online
13 October 2023
Preparing for the Future of International Peace and Security

The international community is faced with a series of complex and interlocking challenges, and the impact of these have been felt on the 2030 Agenda and global governance more broadly. It is in this context that the United Nations Secretary-General has called for a Summit of the Future, which aims to examine existing challenges and gaps and identify multilateral solutions.

Issues related to international security, threats to peace, and disarmament play a core role in the identification of solutions. In order to provide novel and creative approaches to these issues, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) created a series of hypothetical future scenarios depicting how the world might look like in 2045 – the United Nations 100th anniversary. Specifically, this research sought to explore what actions could be taken now to mitigate threats to international security linked to arms control and disarmament. In this side-event, UNIDIR will lead a discussion based on this research, focusing on current and future challenges that need to be mitigated and addressed and exploring pathways for action that exist to address these threats.

The side-event will provide a platform to discuss UNIDIR’s preliminary findings, how they can be employed and further refined ahead of the Summit of the Future, as well as the use of futures and foresight methods within the United Nations.


Opening remarks

  • Giacomo Persi Paoli, Head of Programme, Security and Technology Programme, UNIDIR
  • Ambassador Thomas Zahneisen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations


  • Chris Earney, Head, Futures Lab, United Nations
  • Helena Ndapewa Kuzee, Deputy Permanent Representative, Namibian Mission to the United Nations
  • Erika Gregory, Managing Director, N Square and Horizon 2045


  • Sarah Grand-Clément, Researcher, UNIDIR


A recording of this event can be found our YouTube channel, and below.


Friday13 October 2023, 13:15 – 14:30 EDT.

Hybrid format – Conference Room 8United Nations HeadquartersNew York and online.

Light lunch will be provided to the participants attending in person.

If attending online, please consult this website to find your local time.


Please register by completing this form: The link to the event will be sent out to registered participants only.


We welcome representatives from Member State delegations, as well as members of the multi-stakeholder community including industry, civil society, and intergovernmental organizations (ECOSOC status).

Please kindly note that UNIDIR is not able to grant access to the United Nations Headquarters for those who are not already in possession of the UN accreditation.

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