New and Emerging Developments in Craft-Produced Small Arms and Light Weapons: Regional Perspectives   

In person
20 June 2024
New and Emerging Developments in Craft-Produced Small Arms and Light Weapons: Regional Perspectives   

The Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA) provides a global framework for action to prevent and address the illicit trade of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in all its aspects, thereby reducing armed violence. Through the PoA, UN Member States have committed to implement control measures to prevent the illicit manufacture of SALW. This also includes illicit and unlicensed craft production.  

Recent developments in the illicit craft production of SALW pose significant challenges for effective implementation of the PoA. As part of a recent global study, UNIDIR has observed worrying trends in improvised and craft-produced SALW. This side event provides an opportunity to introduce key findings from UNIDIR’s study, as well as to examine regional developments and responses to prevent these weapons’ illicit proliferation and deadly impact. 


Welcoming Remarks:

  • H.E. Ambassador Olivier Caron, France

Panel Discussions

  • Aline Shaban, Small Arms Survey: Terminology and typologies of craft production
  • Matilde Vecchioni, UNIDIR: Introducing UNIDIR’s Global Study
  • Ivaylo Stefanov, INTERPOL: Monitoring the development of craft-weapons and emerging threats  
  • Major Adriana Maria Toston Diez, Guardia Civil Spain and Driver EMPACT Firearms: Developments in craft-produced weapons in Europe
  • Callixtus Joseph, CARICOM Impacts: Trends and responses to trafficking in components and ghost guns in the Americas  

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Paul Holtom, Head of Conventional Arms and Ammunition Programme, UNIDIR.

*A light lunch will be offered on the right side of Vienna Café starting from 13h00.

Where & When

20 June 2024, 13h15 to 14h30 EST, Conference Room CR-9 UNHQ, New York (in-person only)


UNIDIR encourages the participation of representatives and experts of States, regional organizations, NGOs and academics registered to attend the preparatory committee meeting specialized or interested in issues related to the Programme of Action on Small Arms and the illicit trade in SALW. UNIDIR will not provide support for participation for individuals that are not registered to attend.

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