Examining Technologies to Counter the Diversion of Small Arms and Light Weapons 

In Person (New York)
26 June 2024
Examining Technologies to Counter the Diversion of Small Arms and Light Weapons 

The United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA) plays an important role in guiding efforts to prevent and detect the diversion of conventional arms to unauthorized users and for unauthorized use. Different types of technologies been used to prevent and detect efforts to divert small arms and light weapons (SALW) but have not yet received an in-depth focus in meetings of states or review conferences under the PoA. Since late 2022, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) and the Flemish Peace Institute (FPI) and have sought to develop and test an approach to identify and assess the utility and feasibility of applying specific technologies to enhance the prevention and detection of diversion efforts.

This side-event provided an in-depth examination of various technologies and their suitability to help counter-diversion of SALW, at specific stages of, as well as throughout, their lifecycle. The discussions also included a reflection on barriers to the implementation of relevant technologies and possible options available to overcome or mitigate such barriers. These findings build upon and complement a framework developed by UNIDIR and FPI, to identify and assess technologies that could strengthen efforts to counter the diversion.


Welcoming Remarks:

  • Denis Jacqmin, Belgium

Panel Discussions (and accompanying slide decks)

  • Sarah Grand Clement, UNIDIR: Findings of the assessment of technologies to counter diversion
  • Pier Angelli De Luca, Organization of American States: Technology for communication and information sharing
  • Musadaq Kasim, Somalia: Database solutions for Weapons and Ammunition Management in Somalia  
  • Henry Leach, Conflict Armament Research and Gary Fleetwood, Australia: Technology for marking and tracing

Panel discussion moderated by Diederik Cops, FPI

Where & When

26 June 2024, 13h15 to 14h30 EST, Conference Room CR-B UNHQ, New York (in-person only)


UNIDIR encouraged the participation of representatives and experts of States, regional organizations, NGOs and academics registered to attend the preparatory committee meeting specialized or interested in issues related to the Programme of Action on Small Arms and the illicit trade in SALW.

For any additional information regarding the event, please contact Ms. Sarah Grand-Clément (sarah.grandclement@un.org).

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