Call for Submissions: MEAC Research into Action Series

Are you a researcher committed to ensuring that your work has a tangible impact on policy and practice around conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding? Do you wish to bridge the gap between your academic research and its practical application? If so, MEAC’s Research into Action publication series is your opportunity to ensure your work has a substantial impact.

About the Series

Most policymakers and practitioners have little time to engage with or access to leading academic research. In order to ensure that relevant research reaches the right hands, UNIDIR Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC) Project has launched its Research into Action series to highlight recent research and distil its policy and practical implications for those working to prevent and respond to political violence and armed conflict.

In 2024, the Research into Action series is looking to showcase recent innovative research related to peace conflict studies, either recently published or under review by academic journals, making them accessible to practitioners.

Submission Process

  • Step 1: Send us an abstract of your academic article to
  • Step 2: Once we receive your submission, our team will promptly review it. If selected, we’ll schedule a short call to discuss your piece and finalize next steps and the timeline.
  • Step 3: We’ll provide you with interview questions that draw out the core findings of your research and their practical implications. The MEAC team will provide feedback to help ensure the resulting piece is engaging and accessible to reach a wide audience.
  • Step 4: UNIDIR will publish the piece on its website and promote it through its social media channels and networks.

Time Commitment
: The process should require 4-12 hours of the author(s) time depending on revisions. From initial submission to the final publication, the process should typically take 4 weeks. Ultimately, MEAC’s Research into Action Series will ensure that your voice is heard where it matters most. Submit your work today and be a part of this effort to translate knowledge into meaningful action. Together, we can drive progress and create a more peaceful world.