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Visiting Researcher

Lisa Winter

Dr. Lisa Winter is Program Director for Solar-Terrestrial Research and Magnetospheric Physics at the National Science Foundation and a visiting researcher at UNIDIR focusing on space environment impacts in areas of international security.

In her role at NSF, she also works on areas of spectrum access related to space physics and space weather, including passive space uses and protections of these uses through the ITU.

Lisa previously was a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Atmospheric and Environmental Research, where she focused on space weather forecasting and effects to human systems, such as particle backgrounds in satellite orbits and geomagnetically induced currents.

Before this, Lisa completed doctorate and post-doctorate research at NASA and the University of Colorado-Boulder in the field of astrophysics on the topic of black holes. She authored approximately 50 publications in peer-reviewed astrophysical journals on topics in astrophysics and space weather.