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Increasing UAV Transparency, Oversight and Accountability

Increasing UAV Transparency, Oversight and Accountability


Building upon the 2015 study on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles prepared by the Office of Disarmament Affairs with the assistance of UNIDIR on the recommendation of the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, UNIDIR is undertaking a project to facilitate multilateral dialogue on UAVs on the basis of up-to-date knowledge and expert-level engagement. This project will also build upon the deliberations of the Human Rights Council and the work of its Special Rapporteurs, which have highlighted a need and interest in pursuing arms control-related aspects of armed UAVs in United Nations disarmament bodies. The project is concerned, in particular, with improving the level of knowledge and engagement on UAV transparency, oversight and accountability at the multilateral level, rather than with proposing restrictions or prohibitions.

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