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The Cyber Index Tool

The Cyber Index Tool


Following on from the Phase I work of the UNIDIR project National Capabilities, Doctrine, Organization and Building Transparency and Confidence for Cyber Security: an Assessment and the publication of the first Cyber Index, UNIDIR’s Emerging Security Threats programme is currently undertaking a second phase of work focused on the international security-related aspects of cyber policy capacity-building. Where Phase I provided information to illustrate the complexity of the cyber arena to diplomats and policy-makers, Phase II is developing the methodology for helping these stakeholders put that knowledge into action.

In Phase II, recognizing the usefulness of and need for accessible information that supports dialogue and decision-making on cyber issues pertaining to international security and peace-building, UNIDIR is creating the blueprint for a new online resource that will enhance the usability of this critical information. This resource is directly targeted towards decision-makers working at the national, regional and international levels of cyber-related policy-making and is part of UNIDIR's efforts to support and improve capacity for informed participation in key dialogue and policy processes.

Staff: Ben Baseley-Walker, Lisa Rudnick, Daniel Golston.

Consultant(s): Derek B. Miller, Leeor Levy.

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