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Non-resident Senior Fellow

Wael Al Assad

Wael Al Assad is a Non-resident Senior Fellow on the Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone project. He has a B.A from Ain-Shams University 1973 and a master's with honors from the Arab Academy for Sciences & Technology in Egypt. He worked for over 45 years within the system of the League of Arab States. In 2002, he established the Department of Disarmament & Arms Control within the Arab League General Secretariat. Since 2002 he was responsible for coordinating Arab positions on arms control and disarmament issues at different international forums and proposing policies to Arab League’s decision-taking bodies. He has worked extensively on cooperation with the UN system and on developing the Arab Leagues tool box for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. He speaks Arabic and English.

Wael's areas of expertise include disarmament and non-proliferation, WMDFZ in the ME, and regional security.