Last Updated: January 2021
Cybersecurity Policy
Strategy Documents
State Policy on Development of ICT up to 2025
Communications and Information Technology Authority

Includes commitments to improving information security while developing ICT:

  • Foster legal environment for enforcing cyber security standards;
  • Build capacity for defending critical infrastructure;
  • Expand cooperation with professionals and international community; and
  • Improve education and awareness of cybersecurity issues.
National Security Concept
Government of Mongolia

Outlines several priorities regarding information and cyber security, including:

  • Creation of a national information security policy;
  • Protection of critical infrastructure; 
  • Hiring of skilled cyber security professionals;
  • Capacity building to better protect against intrusion and influence campaigns;
  • Build cyber forensics capabilities;
  • Expand international cooperation; and
  • Development of digital signature public key infrastructure.
1 September 2012
National Program on Information Security 2010-2015
Government of Mongolia

Develops a database of government agencies, non-governmental organizations, citizens, entrepreneurs, and support infrastructure in Mongolia through the gradual implementation of national security and public safety measures.

2 June 2010
National Centre or Responsible Agency
Cyber Security Department (Кибер Аюулгүй Байдлын Газар)
General Intelligence Agency

Mission to:

  • Ensure information and communication security of the state;
  • Coordinate cyber security efforts at the national level;
  • Increase public awareness against cyber crime.
2011 (reorganized, formerly the Government Communication Department)
Dedicated Agencies and Departments
Мэдээлэл, шуудан харилцаа холбоо, технологийн газар болов (Communications and Information Technology Authority/ Information Technology, Post and Telecommunications Authority) (ITPTA)
Government of Mongolia

Its mission is to facilitate advanced technologies of ICT as a main accelerator of development of Mongolia in the 21st century and to develop knowledge based information society.

20 October 2004
Cybercrime Unit (Кибер гэмт хэрэгтэй тэмцэх алба)
National Police Agency
National CERT or CSIRT
Mongolian Cyber Emergency Response Team / Coordination Center (MNCERT/CC)
Non-governmental, officially recognized
1 March 2014
Legal Framework
Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation
Joint Statement for India-Mongolia Strategic Partnership
Head of State
India pledges to help set up a cyber security centre in Mongolia's defence and security establishment
17 May 2015
Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress - CAMP Initiative, Member
Information Technology, Post and Telecommunications Authority (ITPTA)

CAMP is a network platform to lift up the overall level of cybersecurity of members through development experiences and trends sharing.

11 July 2016

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