Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
Last Updated: March 2021
Specialized Agencies
SCO Expert Group on International Information Security
  • Agreement to continue active joint efforts and to coordinate measures to prevent the use of digital space for purposes incompatible with the tasks of ensuring international peace, security and stability
  • Most recent meeting held 24-26 January 2016
Cyber Expert Group
Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS)

Aimed at deepening cybersecurity cooperation in countering terrorism, separatism and extremism.

Regulations and Directives
Agreement on Cooperation in Ensuring International Information Security between the Member States of the SCO
Creates a legal and organizational basis for cooperation between Parties (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Taijikistan, Uzbekistan) in the field of international information security, including in:
• Coordinating and implementing necessary joint measures in the field of ensuring international information security
• Creating of a system of joint monitoring and response to emerging threats in this area
• Elaborating joint measures for the development of the provisions of the international law limiting the spread and use of information weapons threatening defense capacity, national security and public safety
16 June 2009
International Cloud Security Conference, participant
SCO Secretariat
On the development and implementation of the latest infocomm technology in all spheres of human activity, global risks, ways to promote the development of a safe information structure, plus international cooperation in this area
19-20 December 2017
Anti-Cyber-Terrorism Joint Drill
Designed to improve coordination and share experiences among SCO members of counter cyber-terrorism efforts
6 December 2017

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