Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Last Updated: November 2018

Relevant Strategy Documents, Other Documents, and Communications.


Relevant Specialized Agencies and Key Positions.

Specialized Agencies

The official nodal agencies within the organization established or proposed to be established and designated with responsibilities for supporting processes related to cyber policy matters.

• Members: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, US, Uzbekistan, Yemen;
• Mandated to collaborate with national CERTs and provide support and respond to computer security incidents;
• Affiliated institution status, enabling it to undertake activities aimed at achieving security and cooperation in the area of information technology.
18-20 June 2008
Information Technology Department
Aims, inter alia, to:
• Provide security and continuity of the IT environment, ensuring the integrity, privacy and availability of information;
• Provide a solid foundation of IT infrastructure that supports and adapts to the needs of the OIC and is continuously improved.
iIn progress) Cyber Security Center
Cyber Security Center to combat cyberterrorism: address concern about the emergence of ever-evolving new patterns and trend in international terrorism and violent extremism, particularly cyber terrorism and crminality on and via cyberspace.
7 November 2017 (reported on)
Key Positions

Key positions pertinent to the cyber policy of the organization (or aspects thereof) and its implementation.

Head of Information Technology Department

Regulations and Directives.


Relevant Meetings, Activities, and External Cooperation.


Conferences and dialogues related to cyber policy matters carried out by the regional, sub-regional or multilateral organization.

OIC-CERT Annual Conference (9th)
OIC-CERT Annual Conference 2018's theme: Cyber Threats to the Public: Social Networks and Mobile Apps

Joint exercises, training programs, and other initiatives related to cyber policy matters undertaken by the organization.

OIC-CERT Journal of Cyber Security
Publishes papers from a wide variety of cyber security disciplines range from the technical field, such as engineering, computer science, or information systems, to the non-technical descriptions of technology and management from the point of view of cyber security fundamentals and applications

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