UNIDIR FM(C)T Meeting Series—Verifiable Declarations of Fissile Material Stocks: Challenges and Solutions

1 June 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

This meeting examined practical challenges of including declarations of fissile material stocks in the future fissile material control treaty as well as solutions that could help address these challenges. If the treaty is to require declarations of stocks, it would have to include provisions that would allow effective verification of these declarations as well as measures that would deal with the materials in active nuclear arsenals. These requirements may present a significant challenge for the fissile material control agreement. The panels considered the potential role of declarations in the treaty, the experience of countries that have made voluntary declarations of their fissile material holdings, international cooperation efforts in this area, and potential approaches to declarations and their effective verification.

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Speaker(s): Anatoly Diakov, Jeffrey Eberhardt , Alexander Glaser, Pavel Podvig, Jarmo Sareva

This conference is part of the project Technical Aspects of a Fissile Material (Cut-off) Treaty