UNIDIR FM(C)T Meeting Series—Addressing Disparities in a Non-discriminatory Fissile Material Treaty

29 November 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

This meeting examined practical ways the future Fissile Material (Cut-off) Treaty could deal with the existing disparities in the size of fissile material stocks and the history of production of fissile materials for military purposes while still preserving the non-discriminatory nature of the treaty and building effective and efficient verification system. The panels considered the existing international practices, the experience of the International Atomic Energy Agency, including the Trilateral Initiative, and the advances in nuclear forensic.

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In addition, dedicated project funding was received from The MacArthur Foundation and the Government of Germany.

Speaker(s): Vitaly Fedchenko, Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova, Pavel Podvig, Jarmo Sareva, Thomas Shea

This conference is part of the project Technical Aspects of a Fissile Material (Cut-off) Treaty