2019 Cyber Stability Conference

The 2019 Cyber Stability Conference (CS19) is an opportunity for international experts to convene and evaluate the pressing issues in the world of cyber stability. 

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As technological advances continue, and governments, industries, societies and individuals seek to harness the benefits of global digital transformation, a parallel increase in offensive activities in cyberspace and malicious use of ICTs by States and non-State actors have highlighted the urgent need for cooperation to mitigate such threats.  

In recent years, successive United Nations Groups of Governmental Experts (GGEs) on Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security identified a number of steps to address these challenges, which was recognized by the General Assembly during its 70th session.

Today multilateral debate on these challenges is entering a new phase, with two new forums established by the decisions of the UN General Assembly in 2018: a new Group of Governmental Experts and an Open-Ended Working Group. These initiatives open a window of opportunity for the international community to strengthen and extend norms, principles and rules of responsible behaviour to strengthen cooperation and contribute to the prevention and peaceful settlement of conflict stemming from the malicious use of ICT.

With these developments as a backdrop, the Cyber Stability Conference is an opportunity to assess the impact of global digital transformation on the international security and stability landscape, and to identify key trends as well as practical initiatives by States and other stakeholders to advance normative frameworks for the mitigation of ICT-related security challenges.

Invited experts will address:

  • Transformation of the global ICT threat landscape and the need multilateral efforts to address these threats and challenges.
  • Dynamics of multistakeholder engagement and cooperation for mitigation of threats stemming from the use of ICTs.
  • Success cases of implementation of norms, principles and rules of responsible behaviour in cyberspace, including the role of regional organizations and frameworks, private sector, academia, civil society for achieving and extrapolating such experiences.
  • Risks, realities and prospects for the new multilateral forums: UN GGE and OEWG, including their possible modalities of interaction, division of labour and added value.

Online registration for the Conference is required. Kindly register online at by 27 May 2019. Please note that registration via the above link is required in order to receive a ground pass for access to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. You will also need to bring your photo ID on the day of the meeting. Please contact Mr. Oleg Demidov (; tel. +41 22 917 53 90) with any inquiries.