2019 Cyber Stability Conference

UNIDIR's Annual Cyber Stability Conference took place on Thursday, June 6, 2019, in CR-4, United Nations HQ, New York.

With the establishment of an Open-Ended Working Group and a sixth UN Group of Governmental Experts in 2019, the conference was an extraordinary opportunity for diplomats and staff from Permanent Missions and capitals, policy and industry experts and other stakeholders to take a deep dive into the current state of discussions on global cyber security policy norms and multilateral efforts to tackle digital security threats.

This year's theme - "Strengthening Global Engagement" -  helped participants:

  • understand how global digital technology and policy developments impact States, economies, industries and security ecosystems;
  • assess the risks of cyber threats, and the potential costs of failure to achieve effective international cybersecurity cooperation mechanisms; and
  • identify incentives and pathways to be engaged in multilateral and multi-stakeholder cybersecurity policy debates.

To watch the morning sessions, click here

To watch the afternoon sessions, click here

To watch Ambassador Patriota's statement, click here.