Roundtable Side-event on Enhancing Cooperation and Preventing Diversion: Strengthening End Use/r Control Systems

25 August 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

This side-event aimed at increasing awareness and providing an opportunity for States and other relevant stakeholders to initiate a dialogue within the ATT framework to identify potential areas, options and avenues for enhancing cooperation, shared understanding, and possible alignment of measures to strengthen end use/r control systems in order to mitigate the risk of conventional arms diversion.

Partners: International Secretariat of Amnesty International.

Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities.
In addition, dedicated project funding was received from the UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR).

This conference is part of the project Tackling Diversion (Phase II): Promoting Regional Dialogue to Enhance Common Understanding and Cooperation to Strengthen End Use/r Control Systems