Research project

Framing and Informing Key Issues and Processes Pertinent to Management of Conventional Ammunition (Ammunition Series)

The excessive accumulation, diversion and misuse of ammunition is a persistent challenge for peace and security at the global, regional and national levels. The diversion of ammunition enables rebels, gangs, criminal organizations, pirates, terrorist groups and other perpetrators to enhance their power and capacities. Further, inadequate ammunition safety management is a contributory factor in a significant number of catastrophic unplanned explosions at munitions sites (UEMS) causing casualties and injuries, as well as serious financial losses and costs. Virtually, security, development, and human rights goals are impacted where ammunition is unregulated or mismanaged.
Pursuant to resolution A/RES/72/55 (2017), the United Nations General Assembly has requested the Secretary-General to convene a group of governmental experts (GGE) in 2020 on problems arising from the accumulation of conventional ammunition in surplus, taking into account discussions in open, informal consultations. Additionally, the Government of Switzerland is leading the Safe and Secure Management of Ammunition (SSMA) initiative, which focuses on promoting safe and secure management of conventional ammunition and its linkages to peace and sustainable development through promoting the dialogue on the implementation of existing norms and standards.
In light of these developments at the multilateral level, UNIDIR is implementing a project to facilitate dialogue among States on issues relevant to safe, secure and accountable management of conventional ammunition. Under this project, UNIDIR will organize a series of thematic seminars. The objectives of the thematic seminar series are to:
1. Facilitate dialogue on key needs and priorities pertaining to the safe, secure and accountable management of conventional ammunition;
2. Gather and promote knowledge on key issues, including challenges and opportunities, relevant to conventional ammunition management at the national, regional and multilateral levels; and 
3. Support Member States’ preparations to engage actively in the open, informal consultations organized within the framework of resolution A/RES/72/55 as well as other relevant initiatives, such as the Safe and Secure Management of Ammunition (SSMA) process.
Researcher(s): Manuel Martinez Miralles, Himayu Shiotani
Partner(s): Armament Policy Service (APS)
Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities. In addition, dedicated project funding was received from the Government of Germany and Switzerland.