Arms Transfer Dialogue (ATD) Meeting Series: Diversion of Arms

1 February 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

The Arms Transfer Dialogue (ATD) provides a unique Geneva-based forum for States and other interested parties to explore options and approaches for supporting multilateral processes on conventional arms control, including SALW. As part of the ATD project, UNIDIR and the Small Arms Survey (SAS) will organize a series of ATD events in 2017 for States, Geneva-based experts and other interested parties to promote an exchange of views and sharing of relevant expertise and experience. The first of this series of meetings addressed the issue of diversion of conventional arms, including SALW. The ATD project is expected to enhance the knowledge and capacity of Geneva-based diplomats and policymakers to identify options and approaches to enhance common understanding and support multilateral processes and instruments regulating arms transfers and addressing the illicit arms trade, including the Arms Trade Treaty and the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms.

Partner: Small Arms Survey

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In addition, dedicated project funding was received from the Government of Finland.

This conference is part of the project Arms Transfer Dialogue (ATD)