• Daniel Porras

  • Space Security Fellow, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Other Strategic Weapons Programme

  • +41 (0)22 917 17 93

  • Areas of expertise include: outer space law and policy, space security, emerging technology threats, international law, political science


    Brief Background and Contributions to UNIDIR

    As the Space Security Fellow, Daniel Porras focuses on political/legal issues surrounding space security and, in particular, the progressive development of sustainable norms of behaviour for space. He conducts research on emerging technology threats to strategic stability in the outer space theatre and makes recommendations on possible paths towards space stability. Mr Porras is the resident technical expert for multiple UN bodies working on space security issues. He also advises governments, academia and commercial actors on security related issues such as the development of counterspace technology and the application of international law to space activities. He holds an LLM in International Economics Law from Georgetown University Law Center, as well as a JD from the California Western School of Law and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Baylor University. 


    Recent Publications and Current Projects